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Brothers & Sisters,

I am pleased to report that the Newark Teachers Union negotiations team has informed me that they have reached a tentative Collective Bargaining Agreement with State Appointed Superintendent Cerf, and the Newark Public Schools to settle our 2015-2019 collective bargaining agreements. 

Our goals were to negotiate terms that respected and values the work and worth of teachers, aides, clerks and all education workers, while maintaining our job protections and assuring better or equal benefits.  I believe these goals have been achieved and cannot thank our Negotiations Team enough for their hard work and incredible achievement.  

Both teams are still finalizing the details (crossing the t's and dotting the i's, so to speak), but we should have a signed Collective Bargaining Agreement in the next few days.  I will present the tentative Collective Bargaining Agreement to our Executive Board and Bldg. Reps for endorsement, but the decision to accept it ultimately rests with you. NTU members will then vote to determine whether the negotiated terms are acceptable.

The date for the NTU’s ratification votes has yet to be determined.  Much more information to come in the coming days and weeks.

In Solidarity,

 John M Abeigon

President & Director of Organization

Newark Teachers Union, Local 481, AFT, AFL-CIO