2017 Election General Membership Meeting


Notice of Newark Teachers Union, Local 481

General Membership & Nomination of Officers Meeting

Date of Membership and Nomination Meeting

Friday, April 28, 2017

Place:  Rafael Hernandez School

345 Broadway, Newark, NJ

Time: 3:45 – 5:00P.M.


NTU Update - April 21


1)     Contract Update: The NTU Negotiations Committee met several days over vacation to work around some roadblocks to the contract's progress. For the entire week this week, internal meetings amongst committee members, and negotiations meetings with NPS were held. As of now, we can only firmly state that we have reached tentative agreements on the following:

1. We have reviewed and cleaned up language that was conflicting in the previous CBA.

2. We have a tentative agreement language and terms for the new CBA.


Contract Update - April 7, 2017


Last Tuesday, we came close to finalizing a deal with the Newark Public Schools, but thankfully the NTU negotiations team caught some last minute issues and wisely pumped the brakes.


NTU Update - April 3 (includes contract update)


1. Contract Update – We are hoping to finalize all contract documents in the next few days.  Our goal is to have everything out to the membership by the end of the week, including a specific calendar of events, and the terms of the tentative agreement for your review.