Mid-Year Evaluations


I’ve gotten some questions about Mid-Year Evaluations, so I am resending this info we’ve sent out in the past

1) Mid-Year Evaluations - As per state law and district policy, only teachers on Corrective Action Plans are required to have Mid-Year Evaluations done.   These Mid-Year Evaluations should be done:

·       Before February 15 (if CAP in place before September 15), or

·       Before summative conference (if CAP in place after September 15).”


To All NTU and CASA Members: All workers and their families are under attack!

Dear Colleagues,
Across the country, the working class has been under attack from a concentrated effort to strip away their legally-guaranteed protections. In New Jersey, educators have been a constant target of the Governor. Nowhere has this been more apparent than in Newark and the other state-controlled school districts.

Letter From the President - January 2016


While the now discredited Cami Anderson was still in office and the current SAS Sup't Chris Cerf was N.J. Commissioner of Education, they agreed to the following language in our contract regarding Supplemental Fringe Benefits:

1. That the SFBF shall solicit open market competitive quotes on the entire supplemental employee benefit package bargaining unit members.

2. That the SFBF shall, after review of all quotes, review and select a benefit provider.