NTU Update - Fen 3, 2017

NTU Legal Victories – These cases matter. If the Governor and Cerf had prevailed at the Supreme Court there wouldn’t be a worry over contract negotiations—there’d be not contract.  If Cerf and his friends in the corporate charter school industry had prevailed at the State Board of Education in seeking to devalue certifications for charter school teachers, how long do you think they would take to come after yours?


13th Ave Special Ed Teacher recognized by PIX11

Every day teachers throughout Newark perform acts of heroism to make the lives of their students better.   PIX 11 decided to honor Shylene Camacho of 13th Avenue School for her work with special needs students.  Check out the story and video here!





Huge Legal Victories!


The NTU and our community and legal partners continue to rack up major legal victories against the State in their battle to devalue educators and destroy public education:

1) The NJ Supreme Court has denied the state’s latest petition to freeze education funding and to grant the Commissioner of Education authority to override teachers contracts. Summarily, the bogus lawsuit claiming tenure and Newark teachers are an impediment to student learning has been dismissed and declared moot.