Seton Hall Open House - Tuesday, February 23

Dear Educator,
Seton Hall University will be holding an Open House/Information Session for our next Executive M.A. & Ed.S Degree Program in Education Leadership, Management, and Policy on Tuesday, February 23, 2016 at 4:30pm at the NTU Offices at 1019 Broad Street, Newark. 
Our program will enable you to work towards a Supervisor, Principal, and Superintendent certifications through a nationally acclaimed leadership program.

NTU Update - January 21, 2016


1)           Quasi-Administrators – In many schools, we have been getting reports that staff, including NTU members, are being asked to serve as quasi-administrators.   It is vital to remember that ONLY administrators should be doing observations and evaluations. 

Not only is this illegal, it is just another example of the district trying to break unions.  They laid off many administrators, including department chairs, and now they are trying to use other staff to fill those vital roles. 


Prescription Update - January 20

Rx UPDATE 1/20...As you may be aware, the Newark Public Schools has attempted to unilaterally change the prescription benefits provider for the Supplemental Fringe Benefits Fund from GPP to Benecard effective February 1, 2016.


Mid-Year Evaluations


I’ve gotten some questions about Mid-Year Evaluations, so I am resending this info we’ve sent out in the past

1) Mid-Year Evaluations - As per state law and district policy, only teachers on Corrective Action Plans are required to have Mid-Year Evaluations done.   These Mid-Year Evaluations should be done:

·       Before February 15 (if CAP in place before September 15), or

·       Before summative conference (if CAP in place after September 15).”