NTU Update - October 14, 2016

Dear Colleagues,

1)    Respect the Contract Update – Reports of RTC success keep coming in; sadly, so do reminders of why we fight. At an NPS discipline hearing last week, a teacher was disciplined for coming in 10 minutes late (five 2 minute occurrences) while the district neglected to take into consideration that he had spent the last five years staying a half hour late each day assisting disadvantaged students.

He will not stay late any more.


NTU Update - October 7, 2016


1)       Respect the Contract: Attendance Counselors - Teachers, Aides and Clerks are NOT Attendance Counselors!! If the NPS wants Attendance Counselors then they should call them back to work. Schools have been asking staff to call parents any time their students are absent during their lunch or perp periods.  There isn't enough time in your day; instruction, prep periods, etc are NOT to be used to do someone else's job. Use the tools in our Respect the Contract toolkit to protect yourself!