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Letter From President

Letter from President - Respect the Contract

Effective Monday, October 3rd, 2016 the Newark Teachers Union will begin Phase I of its Respect the Contract initiative.  This initiative will be incremental and is necessitated by the districts’ refusal to respect the work or worth of teachers, aides and clerks at the negotiations table.  While Superintendent Cerf never misses an opportunity to advertise the successes we have made in literacy and math or the decline in the city’s dropout rate, his negotiations team has failed to translate that into any meaningful show of appreciation at the bargaining table.  


Letter from the President - February 2016

Judge Kessler issued an injunction and Temporary Restraining Order against Newark Superintendent and Former Commissioner Christopher Cerf, restraining him from granting no-bid contracts to prescription provider, Benecard.


Letter From the President - January 2016


While the now discredited Cami Anderson was still in office and the current SAS Sup't Chris Cerf was N.J. Commissioner of Education, they agreed to the following language in our contract regarding Supplemental Fringe Benefits:

1. That the SFBF shall solicit open market competitive quotes on the entire supplemental employee benefit package bargaining unit members.

2. That the SFBF shall, after review of all quotes, review and select a benefit provider.


Letter From the President - November 2015

As the year is quickly coming to a close, and we take the next few days to reflect and give thanks to a higher power for our Blessings, let's take a minute over this break to reflect upon the source that provides us the protections we still enjoy.


Letter from President - September 2015

Dear Colleagues,

As you start your journey with the Newark Public Schools, the NTU will always be here to support you  professionally and personally. 

The NTU can only be successful if we stand in unity to best advocate for our rights and the rights of the students and  citizens of Newark. 

We ask that you meet with your  building representative, and come down to the NTU office to meet the NTU staff at any time!  This is your Union, and we look forward to working with you for years to come!

In Solidarity,

John M. Abeigon,




Letter from President - July 2015

Dear Colleagues,
On behalf of the entire United for Change slate and myself, I want to thank everyone who voted in this past Newark Teachers Union election of officers & made our victory a resounding success. Now it is incumbent upon all of us to fulfill our promise of revitalizing the Newark Teachers Union.