Respect the Contract

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Phase II Toolkit

Each day, numerous violations occur in our schools negatively impacting staff and students.

Prep Period/Coverage Survey

Prep Periods are NOT free periods...they are periods where you, as a teacher, prepare your lessons, or for your lessons, meet with principal or his/her designee, meet with parents, or students, or other teachers (PLCs).

Respect the Contract (Phase I) Principles

Teachers will continue to provide instruction and other supports to students. However, teachers, aides, clerks and other education workers will:
NOT perform the duties of a report card administrator [eg: merging, printing reports etc] (with the exception of clerks assigned this duty);

Respect the Contract (Phase I) Toolkit


For this week’s update, we are focusing on the Respect the Contract (Phase I) initiative that will be starting next week.  We have posted on our website a variety of resources:

 1)      Our contracts!  Remember!  You work to your contract, no more, and no less.  If you have a question about whether or not something is allowed, check the contract!

a.       Teacher/Clerk