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Wellness Update: Dealing with the Flu

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N.J. Health officials: NJ flu activity declared ‘widespread;’ cases soar in recent weeks...Wellness people, Wellness! No one from the state health department is gonna come in and wipe our classrooms & teacher lounges, etc. for us. 


What is the difference between a IPDP and a CAP?

Under NJ code, teachers must complete 20 hours of Professional Development each year.  Your IPDP (Individual Professional Development Plan) describes how you will reach those 20 hours, and what goals you are working towards meeting through your professional development.

Non-Tenured Teachers

By May 15, you should receive either a non-reoffering letter or a contract in the mail for the 2018-2019 school year from the Newark Public Schools.


If you are a non-tenured teacher who received a letter of non-reoffering, you need to reach out to the Newark Teachers Union immediately!  Email and he will discuss your case with you.

Mid-Year Evaluations


I’ve gotten some questions about Mid-Year Evaluations, so I am resending this info we’ve sent out in the past

1) Mid-Year Evaluations - As per state law and district policy, only teachers on Corrective Action Plans are required to have Mid-Year Evaluations done.   These Mid-Year Evaluations should be done:

·       Before February 15 (if CAP in place before September 15), or

·       Before summative conference (if CAP in place after September 15).”

Parent Conference FAQ

- What time does it run until?

Parent Conferences runs no later than 7 PM.

- Who has to attend?  

All instructional staff  - administrators, teachers, tutors, guidance counselors, Social Workers, nurses, parent liasions and child study team members

- Who does not have to attend?

Teacher aides, one-on-one aides, and clerks,

- What do we do about dinner?