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Letter from the President - February 2016

For background:

Essex County Superior Court Judge Donald Kessler, in response to NTU’s order to show cause, has ruled in favor of the Newark Teachers Union, justice, equality, and morality.  Judge Kessler issued an injunction and Temporary Restraining Order against Newark Superintendent and Former Commissioner Christopher Cerf, restraining him from granting no-bid contracts to prescription provider, Benecard.

It was the Newark Public School’s responsibility to find a cheaper prescription plan, not an equal one.  The district was asked to provide substantial evidence that Benecard would save the district money, and they failed to provide it.

Seeking to rectify this extraordinary violation of the law and contract, the NTU had to provide a strong argument, and we did, meeting all four of the judge’s criteria.

All we sought and continue to seek is a fair and open bidding process as outlined and approved by Cerf and our members. We appreciate the fact that the NPS has dug itself a $75 million a year deficit by issuing no-bid contracts to friends and consultants.  But, digging themselves out of that hole shouldn’t be off the back of taxpayers or our members.

This is a great win for all public employees and taxpayers!

John M. Abeigon

President/Director of Organization

Newark Teachers Union