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Charter Schools On Trial: PART 2 - TAKE ACTION NOW!

Brothers & Sisters:


As news about the alarming rate of the expansion of corporate charters in our city begins to spread across the state and the nation, it becomes increasingly more important that you remain alert to news media that we share with you on a constant basis. If you read the weekly updates we provide you then you are aware of what the NTU is doing; you are aware that while we are winning some battles in the courts and before the Civil Service Commission our enemies are advancing.

But, we can stop them.  Now is the time to put a temporary hold on increasing charter enrollments and study what is working and what needs improvement. There is a bill in Trenton that would place a moratorium of charters for three years. We urge you to click the link below and Take Action

We live in a time where people mistake “liking “something on social media for an actual action: doing the least you can do will get you the least results.  Please sign the petition to post Assembly bill 4351 and let’s put corporate charter schools on trial.  Teachers and educational workers deserve their day in court.  Together we shall have it!

In Solidarity,

John M Abeigon

President & Director of Organization

Newark Teachers Union, Local 481, AFT, AFL-CIO