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Discretionary Funds

Dear Colleagues,

We have been getting mixed reports about the distribution of discretionary funds.  Please reach out to Mike Maillaro at if you have not yet received your funds.

In addition, it is vital ensure that “unexpended amounts” are distributed in accordance with the contract as quoted below.

Please direct your administrators’ attention to the underlined section below should they have an issue with the process.

The Newark Public Schools and the Union agree to continue the teachers’ discretionary fund. Ninety dollars ($90) per teacher shall be made available by the school district in each school year (Effective September 1, 2007). If as of April 1st of each school year there shall remain any unexpended amount in this discretionary fund, the unexpended amounts shall be redistributed according to the guidelines developed by the Office of the State District Superintendent and then be implemented in each school by the Principal in cooperation with the Union building committee.

Please report any violations of this process to the NTU as soon as they occur.

John M Abeigon

President/Director of Organization

Newark Teachers Union,
Local 481, A.F.T., AFL-CIO