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NTU Update - August 14, 2020

Dear Members: 

As previously shared with you, the American Federation of Teachers sits on the statewide reopening committee. NTU sits on the local version. We have long pushed for and can now confirm that the decision of when to close a classroom, a school building or an entire district will not be solely a local decision.  If one or two students or teachers is diagnosed with the coronavirus in a New Jersey classroom, everyone he or she came close to at school could be asked to stay home for 14 days, according to new state guidelines. But if two people in different classrooms have confirmed COVID-19 cases within 14 days at the same school, the entire school could be shut down. 

Given the new guidelines, we are strongly urging Supt León to hit  “pause” on a September reopening and use the month to monitor and adjust to the new guidelines. Meanwhile, we will continue to advocate for your rights and make as many options available to you as possible under the Law.

Reminder! Today is the last day for staff to get in their surveys on whether they will be in-person or remote learning for next year.  IT IS VITAL THAT EVERYONE COMPLETE THIS SURVEY!!  Any changes to the district’s plan is going to be guided by these results. 

John M Abeigon

Newark Teachers Union, AFT, AFL-CIO, LOCAL 481

Labor Day Holiday

Reminder: schools are closed for ten-month employees on September 4 and September 7 for the Labor Day Weekend! 

Updated Tuition Reimbursement Form – August 13, 2020

 There is a new Tuition Reimbursement Form available on the NTU Website!  Staff should take advantage of this terrific program!

Address Changes

 Under the current situation, it is vital to stay informed! If you have changed your address over the summer, please reach out to to let us know.  Also, if you don’t get our weekly updates, send an email to to make sure you are on our mailing list. 


Distance Learning Library

After our successful workshops this summer, the Newark Teachers Union has also created a Distance Learning Library on our website and YouTube containing PowerPoints, additional material and training videos.