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NTU Update - December 20, 2017


We at the NTU hope that you have a restful holiday break!

1) NTU Ed Resource Center will be closed from December 18 until January 2, 2018. The NTU Office will be closing at 1 PM on December 21, and will be closed from December 22 until January 2.

2) December Pay Checks: Payroll Reminder! December is a three pay-check month. For full time ten month employees, you will be paid on December 1 (covering 11/20 to 12/01), December 15 (covering 12/04 to 12/15), and December 21 (covering 12/18 to 12/29).  The first paycheck in January will be January 12, 2018.

In order to get paid for the full Winter Break, if you are going to be absent on December 21 or January 2, you must take a personal day. The only way you can use a sick day for those days is if it is part of an approved medical leave.



3) NPS Central Office Relocation - NPS sent out this information, and we wanted you to be aware of it:

As you know, the Central Office of the Newark Public Schools is moving.

The overall move will be complete by the time the district returns from winter recess on 01/02/18. Until that time we are providing information to assist you in finding the right department during this transition period. A few key things to note:

·  To determine where any department is located between now and 1/02 – please reference our move web page at:

·  In addition, if you will be visiting the new building at 765 Broad Street for the first time, please note that the entrance is actually on Bank Street, around the corner from the listed address. Please report to the lobby of the building that the department is listed in and speak with a security guard who will direct you to the appropriate office. Discounted parking will remain available at the Military Park garage.


4) Kudos –

·         Technology High School Students Donate Scarves to Assist Keeping the Less Fortunate Warm

·         West Side Teacher Coach Rosemary Morin presents at AP Conference