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NTU Update - January 8, 2018


1)            Stipend Payment: We’ve gotten a lot of questions about when the district will be paying out the Turnaround/Head Start Stipends.  The date they gave us is January 19th.

2)            Civil Service Classification Questionnaire: The Newark Public Schools has recently come under scrutiny by the Civil Service Commission relating to its classification of employees into non-Civil Service titles.  It has come to our attention that the Newark Public Schools has been circulating a Classification Questionnaire.  We have also been advised that the description of the work duties performed, as described in the Forms, have been pre-prepared by the District, with the work duties already filled out.

Please review the work duties listed therein carefully.  It is your right to describe your work duties.  The instructions for completing the classification specifically say that, “this form is to be completed by you in your own words.”  While the form may be reviewed by a supervisor, the instructions for the form state that “under no circumstances … should the supervisor change the answers as given and certified by you.”  

We recommend that you complete a blank form, rather than the form distributed by NPS. At the very least, if you disagree with the statement of work duties pre-prepared for you, please do not hesitate to note that on the form, or to add or clarify any work duties described on that form.

3)      Montclair Urban Teacher Residency Program – Montclair is looking to expand their Urban Teacher Residency Program.   They will be having an information session on Thursday, January 18, 2018 at Harriet Tubman School @ 4 pm..  If you know anyone interested in teaching in Newark, this is a great program.  For more information, email or check out this flyer.

4)      NTUniversity: NTUniversity's first two workshops were a great success, and we have received a lot of requests to do additional sessions. We will have that information out to you in the coming weeks.

If you are interested in presenting a future workshop to your fellow NTU members, please review the following requirements and draft a submission. All presenters will be given a stipend of $50.00/session