Respect the Contract - Compensation for coverage

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ARE YOU LOSING YOUR PREPS??? Are they having a “lack of sub emergency” every day? Are you NOT getting paid for your coverage? Start Respecting  the Contract.


“In case of emergency, which shall include an unavailability of sufficient per diem substitutes on a particular day, teachers in school, elementary, secondary, or special, shall be permitted during their preparation periods, if they so elect to volunteer, to substitute for an absent teacher. Any teacher performing such duties shall be compensated on the basis of one-fifth (1/5th) of the per diem substitute rate.”

If you have been compelled to COVER CLASSES, or LOSE PREPS for the above reason, please complete this IMPORTANT form and submit a copy to your schools payroll clerk, keep a copy for yourself and fax a copy to the NTU at (fax) 973-643-8435.

John M Abeigon

President & Director of Organization

Newark Teachers Union, Local 481, AFT, AFL-CIO