Respect the Contract (Phase I) Principles

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Teachers will continue to provide instruction and other supports to students. However, teachers, aides, clerks and other education workers will:
NOT perform the duties of a report card administrator [eg: merging, printing reports etc] (with the exception of clerks assigned this duty);
NOT perform the duties of a “computer repairman.”  The district got rid of Technology Coordinators; if they need those services, they need to bring them back.  They were trained; you were not and will be held responsible for damage.  Let them call a technician!
NOT being used as “Coverage” outside of the confines of the contract. Must be voluntary and covering staff must be compensated. The district’s inability to provide adequate substitutes does not constitute an emergency.  Fill out and submit a coverage form.
NOT participate in NPS meetings/ activities of any kind before, or outside of the instructional day (see Arbitration Award #4713, regularly scheduled staff meetings are excluded, as per the contract);
NOT participate in any professional development workshops/ activities/ discussion forum/ webinar sessions on NPS initiatives that are not included in the calendar;
NOT act as Attendance Counselors by searching for students in city wards. Students who are not picked up at dismissal time shall be delivered to an Administrator in the Main Office;
NOT complete Unit Plans.  The contract only speaks to Lesson Plans;
NOT complete “Homework” distributed during Grade Level Meetings. (See Arbitration Award #4713)