Push back on the Trump Tax Scam!

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How did your members of Congress vote on the Trump Tax Scam?

Along with President Trump, Senate Republicans—all but one—threw the middle class under the bus when they voted 51-49 to pass the Republican tax scam at 1:50 a.m. on Saturday morning.

Both the bill passed by the Senate and the one passed by the House of Representatives give huge tax breaks to wealthy donors and corporations, at a time of record corporate profits, while sticking it to the middle class and working folks, whose wages have been stagnant for decades and who crave basic economic security for their families. Under this plan, 87 million middle-class families will pay more taxes, and generations of children will be hurt by its consequences.

Because the House and Senate passed different versions of this bill, we still have a chance to stop it before a final vote. There are already major divisions on things like the repeal of the Affordable Care Act individual mandate, deductions on healthcare and mortgage interest, the educator expenses credit, the federal deficit, and how permanent these tax cuts would be.


Visit the following link, post it on social media, and send it to your friends and family to tell Congress, we will not allow the Trump Tax Scam to go through!