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Jordan Thomas beat out 2000 other applicants to be named a Rhodes Scholar.  He is one of only 32 selected from the United States this year.  He will be heading to England in October for his masters at Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar then going to law school for his JD,

Jordan Thomas is the son of Neil Thomas, NTU Vice President from American History High.  Jordan is also a NPS graduate.

Jordan D. Thomas is a senior at Princeton University where he is majoring at  the  Woodrow  Wilson  School  of  Public  and  International  Affairs  and  double  minoring  in Portuguese Language and Culture


From Morristown National Historical Park

Student artists from Westside High School, Newark, New Jersey found their park at Morristown! After viewing their Dream Rocket exhibit, these talented teens wanted to explore the site that inspired their art...they had a little fun in the process!

The Morristown Dream Rocket theme is Ingenuity in the Face of Adversity, and our Westside artists were especially creative with their interpretations of what that means.

Hiking the yellow trail from the Wick House
to the soldier huts with Ranger Gilson. 

Before students even visited our site, they were given a


1) Newark Public Schools Workers Vote to Join Teachers Union  - 189 unaffiliated NPS staff have voted to join the Newark Teachers Union!  On Oct 31, the Public Employee Relations Commission certified the vote and rejected Newark Public Schools arguments against recognizing the new members’ right to join a union.  This is a huge victory and we will be meeting with this staff next week to discuss next steps.

2)  NTU LGBTQIA Meet and Greet - School districts nationwide are facing increased concerns over giving voice, protection, and resources to their LGBTQIA students, and staff. The Newark

If the last few years have taught us anything it is: ELECTIONS MATTER! November 7 is Election Day.  The NTU fought hard to ensure that schools would be closed on Election Day to ensure that all of our members would be able to go out and vote.
In addition to having the opportunity to put a new governor in place, we are also in the position to see huge changes to the NJ Legislature.  YOUR VOTE MATTERS!
Don't know where to go to vote?  Put your address here to find your polling place!
In Solidarity.
John M


1)     Wilson Avenue School – Last week, a fuel oil leak was discovered at Wilson Ave School. As in all similar circumstances, the NTU had representatives on site and also dispatched V.P. and Sec Treasurer Michael Iovino to the school to speak with Administrators and staff and assist in communication. NTU President John Abeigon also visited the site twice and spoke with officials who explained the cleanup process and assured us that the building is safe to occupy.

Initial recommendations from health officials regarding the oil leak at Wilson Ave were that the school did not warrant