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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter in #PHLed

Lesson Resources Overview

Resource Overview

These resources are intended to serve as a guide for educators to foster dialogue around the 13 Guiding Principles of Black Lives Matter and racial justice during the week of January 23-28, 2017. We have intended to make our resources accessible, so that they are able to be adapted to work in the individual classrooms of educators across our city and region. We know that this work has been happening in our classrooms before this week, and will continue after, but we think it is important to make a concerted effort to shine


Black Lives Matter Week of Action Resolution

SPONSORS: Newark Teachers Union (Local 481)

TOPIC: Black Lives Matter Week of Action

The Newark Teachers Union,

RECOGNIZING The necessity for social justice, community engagement, and political activism in the success of Newark Public Schools’ students and families;

ACKNOWLEDGING Racial diversity and the need for increased cultural competency as priority interests within the Newark Public Schools and the Newark Teachers Union;

ACKNOWLEDGING The Newark Public Schools’ mission of ensuring students develop “social skills necessary to be productive