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Union Plus

Through the AFT Plus/Union Plus program, Union members receive discounts on everything from car rentals to hotels to pet insurance.  This is a terrific benefit that more people need to take advantage of.  Just some examples:

We offer union members and their families a wide array of financial products for each step of your financial life including — the Union Plus Credit Cardprepaid card and personal loan programs.

We offer exclusive union member savings and discounts for all your your home and auto needs, such as auto buying and mortgage

Our insurance products include plans from brands you know and trust and feature homeautoretiree healthlife and even pet insurance.

Our health plans include union member discounts on dentalvisionhearing and even alternative healthcare.

Our education programs help you avoid student debt and earn your degree for free when you enroll in our Free College and Bachelor's Degree programs. If you're already enrolled, apply for our Union Plus Scholarship to help get you to the finish line.

Save one everyday expenses like your monthly wireless phone bill with AT&Tevery day purchases, or even going to the movies.

Our travel benefits are here to make travel cheaper with exclusive discounts on car rentalvacation tours and even hotels and attractions

Above all other benefits, we're most proud of our hardship help benefits. Hardship Help benefits are designed to help union members when they've fallen on hard times, such as when their union goes on strike, they get laid off, or even disabled.

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