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Changes to Newark Health Benefits UPDATED!!

On October 2, NBOE announced a huge posiitve change about our benefits!

We recently have conducted follow-up negotiations with Aetna and have secured the following on your behalf: 

  • $10 copay for Primary Care Physician (PCP) visit
  • $15 copay for Specialist Visit


Both copays were $20 and this will no longer be the case beginning on January 1, 2020.  Employees currently enrolled in Aetna PPO 20/20 will automatically be cross-walked to the new Aetna PPO 10/15 copay plan.   


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (973) 733-7336 or




On Monday, Aetna and the NBOE Benefits Office gave a presentation at the NTU Office about the changes to our health and supplemental benefits moving into 2020.  Open enrollment will run from October 1 to November 12.  Open enrollment is a window during which individuals and employees may add or drop their health insurance, or make changes to their coverage.
For NTU members, very little is changing in terms of benefits other than the change in provider for prescription from Benecard to Aetna. Under the law, the district must provide "the same or better" if they make any changes to benefits or providers.  
Health Benefits
Our Health Benefits provider will continue to be Aetna, and you will continue to have the choice of using PPO's or HMO's depending on your needs.  For anyone who wants to change their plan, NBOE will be providing a contribution calculator by the end of the week to see what that would cost them.  As an added benefit, any staff member who goes to a CVS Minute Clinic for care pays no co-pay for that visit.
Note: The cost of benefits is going up this year about 8%.  Unfortunately, benefits costs do go up every year.  We are still far below the premiums being paid by the School Employee Health Benefits which makes it very difficult to get a better price.
Our prescription benefits will be moving from Benecard to Aetna.  The copays we currently pay will remain the same ($20 for name brand, $0 for generic).
Vision and Dental
For NTU Members, our Vision and Dental will not change.  The rest of the NBOE employees will be moving to Aetna who already provides our Vision and Dental.
For more information, please review these documents:

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