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NTU Update - March 1, 2024

IMPORTANT!  We have gotten a lot of questions about extracurricular, sixth period, tutoring and other supplemental pay issues.  We have been raising these issues in our monthly meetings with the district.  Each pay period, more people have received their supplemental pay, but we are still actively working with the district to make sure everyone gets made whole.   We have not yet filed a formal complaint, because that often slows down the process, and the district have been making steady progress.   Any further action we take we will inform the reps and probably send out a mass email to staff. 

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In This Issue:

1) Women's History Month: Newark Women

2) Management Lessons

3) General Counsel Update

4) NTU Member of the Week

5) NTU Wears Blue in Solidarity

6) Fundations Workshop

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