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Contract Information

Changes to Health Benefits

NPS sent out the following email detailing the changes to Health and Perscription Benefits negotiated in our new contract:


**This email contains important information about your upcoming change in benefits, effective August 1, 2017.**


NTU membership overwhelmingly ratify new contract agreement!

Newark teachers, clerks and aides today voted by an overwhelming majority to ratify a new four-year contract going back to July 1, 2015 and forward through June 30, 2019. “We are proud to see our members’ hard work and commitment to Newark’s students recognized with pay raises to help them catch up after years of state-imposed austerity and increased health insurance costs,” said Newark Teachers Union President John M. Abeigon.


Additional Contract resources: Hows does Longevity work?

1. Longevity is tied to total years of service in Newark only and doesn't have to be consecutive.

2. It's not tied to steps

3. You would start getting your first longevity at the start of your 15th year.

4. If someone was about to get longevity, and the contract froze...they will get it in their retro

5. Longevity is added to salary every year...not divided over the years.

6.  Second longevity REPLACES first longevity when you reach your 20th year

7. Third and fourth longevity is ADDED TO second longevity.



Contract Ratification Update


On Thursday, May 11, 2017, we will hold a ratification vote for our contract settlement.  Voting will run from 7 AM to 7 PM at the Newark Teachers Union, 1019 Broad Street.  Parking is available behind the building. 

Please bring ID, as only full dues paying members will be eligible to vote.  We will be working with the Newark Public Schools on getting information out to administrators about allowing staff to come down to the Union to vote during their lunch periods. 


Additional Contract resources: HMO Plans

Staff currently on one of Aetna's HMO plans will continue to stay on those plans.  Also, staff who have been moved to Aetna 2020, may want to consider moving to an HMO plan.  Here are the summary sheets for our current HMO plans

HMO 10

HMO 1525



Contract Update - April 28, 2017 - More FAQ's


Some questions that have come up about the contract information we sent out yesterday.

1)     Reading the Salary Guides - There are two versions of the salary guides. The ones from the actual contract book and a progressions document we put together for the Building Reps and on our website to help people see more clearly where they are.