Letter from President - One door opens, one door closes...


You have all heard the saying, when one door opens, another one closes.  Well the NTU doesn’t accept that willingly. When one door opens and another one closes we stick our foot in the door jam and demand to know what’s going on in there. 

NTU Update - October 28, 2016


 1)      Respect the ContractNegotiations continue between NTU and NPS regarding our contract.  Things have been progressing well in many areas, though the process continues to be slow. Our next negotiations session is scheduled for next Thursday.  Hopefully, we will have some news to report out after that session.  Until then, continue to RESPECT THE CONTRACT!  Nothing more, nothing less! 

EMERGENCY CHILD STUDY TEAM MEETING - Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Next Wednesday, the Newark Teachers Union will be hosting an emergency meeting for our Child Study Team members to discuss pertinent information that will impact all of us. 


Wednesday, November 2, 2016 


4:00PM – 5:30PM

1st Floor Conference Room

Newark Teachers Union

1019 Broad Street

NJEA Convention


NPS recently sent out the attached forms regarding the NJEA convention that REQUIRE informing your administrator of your intention to attend by November 1st.  A recent arbitration award won by the NTU indicates there are NO SUCH LIMITATIONS on when you can decide to go. That said, the NTU does recommend that you let your administrator know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.