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Additional Superstorm Sandy Funds Available for NTU Members

After Superstorm Sandy devastated our state three years ago, AFT and AFTNJ worked to identify members who had been impacted and assist in recovery. We supported the efforts of local food banks and provided information and referrals to the organizations providing direct assistance to families impacted by the storm. 


DYFS Instructional Meeting

On NOVEMBER 12, 2015 at 4:00 PM, we will be having an instructional meeting for all teachers who would like to be made current on the state of the law of child abuse, child neglect, and lack of supervision.   If you will be attending, please RSVP with Venetta Smith (973) 643-8430, Ext 10 or email

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Charter Schools On Trial: PART 2 - TAKE ACTION NOW!

Brothers & Sisters:


As news about the alarming rate of the expansion of corporate charters in our city begins to spread across the state and the nation, it becomes increasingly more important that you remain alert to news media that we share with you on a constant basis. If you read the weekly updates we provide you then you are aware of what the NTU is doing; you are aware that while we are winning some battles in the courts and before the Civil Service Commission our enemies are advancing.


South Street School Is Center of Newark Neighborhood

A city divided by itself cannot stand. Forced to send money to corporate charter schools and funding politically connected consultants. But still, South Street rises. Facing constant cuts to staff and resources. But still, South Street rises It’s time to reclaim the promise of public education—to fulfill our collective moral obligation to help all children succeed.


More good news!

40+ Aides and Clerks are being moved from "temporary" back to "Permanent" Civil Service positions and retain their accumulated days. We know that the waiting was long, but thanks for believing in us when we told you we were right--the district can't run without you. Welcome, back.