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Editors' Note: There will not be an issue of the NTU Update next week because of the shortened week.

In This Issue:

1) Newark kids are failing. Why take droves of school officials to a luxury hotel?

2) Nothing Free from Me!

3) RSVP to Mandates

4) NTU Member of the Week

5) Wear Blue Pictures

6) Open Enrollment Update



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On November 6th to 10th, we will be doing " NOTHING FREE FROM ME" week!  More info to come next week!
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In This Issue:

1) Ending Disruptions in the classroom

2) Standing united

3) Wear Blue Friday Pictures

4) Membership Meeting

5) NBOE Wellness Fair

6) NTU Member of the week

7) Share My Lesson - AI

And Much More!


In This issue:

1) Workers everywhere face same issues

2) Give yourself a raise, before the holidays!

3) NTU Contract Meetings

4) NTU Member of the Week

5) Strike Protections

6) Defined Contribution Retirement Plan

And More!!