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The US Department of Labor recently posted this document about FMLA rights.  Please keep this valueable resource handy for any and all questions regarding your federally protected FMLA rights.

Dear Colleagues,
Across the country, the working class has been under attack from a concentrated effort to strip away their legally-guaranteed protections. In New Jersey, educators have been a constant target of the Governor. Nowhere has this been more apparent than in Newark and the other state-controlled school districts.
Over the Winter Break, the Governor’s hand-picked Superintendent Christopher Cerf unleashed his latest attacks against educators. For CASA members, Superintendent Cerf has refused to negotiate a contract in good faith, and he announced that he was going to unilaterally


While the now discredited Cami Anderson was still in office and the current SAS Sup't Chris Cerf was N.J. Commissioner of Education, they agreed to the following language in our contract regarding Supplemental Fringe Benefits:

1. That the SFBF shall solicit open market competitive quotes on the entire supplemental employee benefit package bargaining unit members.

2. That the SFBF shall, after review of all quotes, review and select a benefit provider.

3. That the SFBF shall inform the Newark Public Schools and the Union of the name of the selected benefit provider, the premium cost and


Dear Educator,

Seton Hall University will be holding at Open House/Information Session for our next Executive M.A. & Ed.S Degree Programs in Education Leadership, Management, and Policy on Thursday, January 21, 2016 at 4:30pm at the NTU Offices at 1019 Broad Street, Newark. 

Our program will enable you to work towards a Supervisor, Principal, and Superintendent certifications through a nationally acclaimed leadership program.  This cohort program is being offered in Newark at a special discount as a result of the partnership between NTU and Seton Hall University. 

Many NTU members have



1)      NTU Website – Remember to visit the Newark Teachers Union website!  We are still collecting members’ class size issues and contract proposals (click on our Survey section).  You can also send in address changes or email address changes to us right on the home page.  We will be adding a formal Advisory survey to the website over the next few days.

2)      Membership Meetings – We have confirmed dates and location for our upcoming regional membership meetings:

• Speedway Academies for Monday, December 14, 2015 4 PM (WEST REGION)

• Barringer STEAM \ Arts and Humanities School