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Respect the Contract


Each day, numerous violations occur in our schools negatively impacting staff and students. These include fire code violations, violations in Special Education requirements and Early Childhood regulations, violations of the Teach NJ Act, and health and safety issues.  

The thrust of Phase II will be to hold the district accountable for every single one of these violations.  

You can use the links below to file complaints related to these specific areas.  All of these complaints can be done anonymously.  Please fill out the requested information on the forms, and we will ensure that the


ARE YOU LOSING YOUR PREPS??? Are they having a “lack of sub emergency” every day? Are you NOT getting paid for your coverage? Start Respecting  the Contract.


“In case of emergency, which shall include an unavailability of sufficient per diem substitutes on a particular day, teachers in school, elementary, secondary, or special, shall be permitted during their preparation periods, if they so elect to volunteer, to substitute for an absent teacher. Any teacher performing such duties shall be compensated on the basis of one-fifth (1/5th) of the per diem substitute


Prep Periods are NOT free periods...they are periods where you, as a teacher, prepare your lessons, or for your lessons, meet with principal or his/her designee, meet with parents, or students, or other teachers (PLCs).

You need this VALUABLE time to review and prepare so you can continue to be an effective teacher.

If you have been compelled to COVER CLASSES, or LOSE PREPS for ANY reason, please complete this IMPORTANT form so the NTU can assist you in recovering your CONTRACTUALLY PROTECTED TIME

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Teachers will continue to provide instruction and other supports to students. However, teachers, aides, clerks and other education workers will:
NOT perform the duties of a report card administrator [eg: merging, printing reports etc] (with the exception of clerks assigned this duty);
NOT perform the duties of a “computer repairman.”  The district got rid of Technology Coordinators; if they need those services, they need to bring them back.  They were trained; you were not and will be held responsible for damage.  Let them call a technician!
NOT being used as “Coverage” outside of the confines


For this week’s update, we are focusing on the Respect the Contract (Phase I) initiative that will be starting next week.  We have posted on our website a variety of resources:

 1)      Our contracts!  Remember!  You work to your contract, no more, and no less.  If you have a question about whether or not something is allowed, check the contract!

a.       Teacher/Clerk

b.      Aide/Per-Diem

c.       Memorandum of Understanding – October 2012

2)      Arbitration Award for Extra Compensation for Extra Time Worked – In 2012, an arbitrator mandated that when a staff member is being told they