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In This Issue:

1) State Budget Update

2) Non-Tenured Observations/Evaluations

3) NTU Member of the Week

4) Know Your Rights: FMLA and Evaluation

5) AFT Accidental Death Benefit

6) Member Services

And More!

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Message From the Superintendent

Dear Teachers and Instructional Staff,

I am extremely excited to share the approval of next year’s calendars. Enclosed you will find the 2023-2024 school calendar.  

To review, the process for approval of the calendars has three steps. The first step is that a district team creates several options for consideration. Although the calendar is managerial prerogative, the second step is that bargaining agreements indicate that every Union is to review these calendars prior to final approval and dissemination. This assists the district


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In this issue:

1) Membership Meeting Update

2) Quarantine Day Update

3) Member of the week

4) Know Your Contract - Salary Guide/Steps

4) NTU Hall of Fame Dinner

And More!

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Message from Dr. Reilly

Dear Teachers and Staff,

During the last 10 weeks, I have joined the ELA office led by Jazleen Othman on site visits to elementary schools.  While there, we have been reading students’ writings posted on the walls. It’s evident that in some classrooms and schools students have been learning how to use conventions well when writing. Thank you to those teachers. Also true are classrooms where such instruction is less evident. As you know, all punctuation rules do not matter equally. Some carry far greater weight and these must be attended to explicitly. Of great


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In This Issue:

1) Professional Development

2) Tuition Reimbursement

3) AFT Virtual Conference

4) Member of the week

5) NTU Membership Meeting

6) NTU Scholarships

And More

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In this issue:

1) Know your rights!

2) Membership Meeting

3) Weingarten Rights

4) Member of the week

And much more!

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