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1. Longevity is tied to total years of service in Newark only and doesn't have to be consecutive.

2. It's not tied to steps

3. You would start getting your first longevity at the start of your 15th year.

4. If someone was about to get longevity, and the contract froze...they will get it in their retro

5. Longevity is added to salary every year...not divided over the years.

6.  Second longevity REPLACES first longevity when you reach your 20th year

7. Third and fourth longevity is ADDED TO second longevity.


An Example (the salaries here are made up for demonstrative purposes)



At Hawkins Street School, Art Teacher Dawn Maglio's students were recognized in Newark's "Imagine a Day Without Water" poster contest. There were over 400 submissions. Our student Emily Matos won 1st place and another one of our students Victoria Villalba received honorable mention. Emily's artwork will be featured in the city's water report that will reach over 500,000 customers. This is an amazing accomplishment for her. She received a certificate, as well as the other honorable mentions at City Hall on April 27th.


Brothers & Sisters:

Attached FYI is the message to your Principal from NPS regarding this Thursday’s NTU/NPS contract ratification vote.  If you are a full dues paying member, please begin planning your participation today. Voting will be held at the NTU Union Hall at 1019 Broad Street 7a.m. to 7 p.m.  We strongly recommend coming before or after work. If you must vote during the school day consider the following; amount of time you have, distance between the NTU and your location, approved coverage in the event of a 911 (stuff happens; flats, traffic, etc.). Limited parking is available behind



1) Statement from President Abeigon regarding contract ratification - Recent headlines document that our struggle to continue to survive is real. Despite a major victory in its defense, our well-funded enemies will not stop their attacks on Seniority (LIFO: Last In First Out), nor will they stop attacking Tenure.  

On May 11th, from 7am-7pm, we can use this contract ratification vote to send a message that we believe in the importance of Collective Bargaining Agreements, that we care about students, that we care about our benefits, and that we care about Contracts and the promises


Dear Brothers & Sisters:

Recent headlines document that our struggle to survive is real.  Attacks on Seniority (LIFO), attacks on tenure, etc. Our well-funded enemies are still everywhere.  With this contract ratification vote on May 11th 7 a.m.-7 p.m. We have an opportunity to show the boss that we do care about collective bargaining agreements, we do care about students, contracts, benefits, and all the promises and protections these provide. Union Democracy  is not an app, nor a "Like" a vote.  Here at the NTU, we gets calls every week from charter school teachers wishing they had a contract



On Thursday, May 11, 2017, we will hold a ratification vote for our contract settlement.  Voting will run from 7 AM to 7 PM at the Newark Teachers Union, 1019 Broad Street.  Parking is available behind the building. 

Please bring ID, as only full dues paying members will be eligible to vote.  We will be working with the Newark Public Schools on getting information out to administrators about allowing staff to come down to the Union to vote during their lunch periods. 

We will have members of the negotiating team available at the Newark Teachers Union to answer questions after school