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Changes to Health Benefits

NPS sent out the following email detailing the changes to Health and Perscription Benefits negotiated in our new contract:


**This email contains important information about your upcoming change in benefits, effective August 1, 2017.**

As you know, the NTU contract which was recently ratified includes changes to your medical and prescription benefits. This email, along with the accompanying attachment, summarizes the changes and important next steps for the August 1st change. We are committed to a smooth transition and want to ensure you have as much information as possible prior to the change.

·       Medical: Medical Benefits for NTU members will remain with our current provider, Aetna. Those members who have Aetna Direct 10, 15, and 15/25 plans will be moved to the 20/20 plan. This means that you will have access to your same network of providers, but at a lower monthly contribution. Co-pays per visit and out-of-pocket maximums will increase, but for many members the overall cost you pay for medical expenses may decrease.  The attached document provides an overview of the 20/20 plan for your information. You will receive a new medical card from Aetna in the mail in July prior to the August 1st change. You cannot start using that card until August 1st.

·       Prescription: Currently, all NTU members pay $5 for generic and $5 for brand prescription benefits. The new plan will charge a $0 co-pay for generic drugs and a $20 co-pay for brand name drugs. Over three-quarters of NTU members currently utilize generic drugs, which mean the vast majority of members will see a decrease in their cost for prescription every time they go to the pharmacy. In addition, you already have the option to enroll in mail-order prescriptions that can save you even more money!  You will not receive a new card from BeneCard—your current card will continue to work after August 1st when the co-pays change.

As Aetna will send your updated medical benefits card to the address on file with the Talent Office, please ensure your address is up to date. If your address needs to be updated in Employee Self Service, please do it ASAP so you can be sure that your card is not delayed.

If you have questions for Aetna, please contact a toll-free hotline specifically set up for NPS employees at 855.223.8791. If you have questions for BeneCard, please contact them at 877.723.6005.

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