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Contract Update - April 7, 2017


Last Tuesday, we came close to finalizing a deal with the Newark Public Schools, but thankfully the NTU negotiations team caught some last minute issues and wisely pumped the brakes.

While you will not go on break with a new contract, you will go on break knowing your negotiations team will be working over the next week and as long as it takes to get to the end of this road.

I believe we have hit a speed bump, but it's not a roadblock, and that a contract is still reachable. We will only bring to you for ratification a contract that I and your Executive Board can confidently endorse. 

Once the Executive Board has endorsed the tentative agreement, it will be presented to the Building Reps, we will schedule a membership meeting and several days of Q+A sessions before holding a ratification vote.

In Solidarity,

John M. Abeigon


Newark Teachers Union

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