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Letter from President - July 2015

Dear Colleagues,
On behalf of the entire United for Change slate and myself, I want to thank everyone who voted in this past Newark Teachers Union election of officers & made our victory a resounding success. Now it is incumbent upon all of us to fulfill our promise of revitalizing the Newark Teachers Union. 
Unions across the country and workers around the world are facing the greatest attack against our hard-won benefits since the 1920’s. Teachers and public workers in particular are feeling the pain and frustration and Wall Street has successfully turned many  workers and our neighbors against us. There are few things  sadder to see than the exploited siding with the bosses against public workers and their families. Sadly, we need look no further than our own NTU teachers, aides and clerks’ lounges for evidence of that divisive form of thinking.  
There are those among us who feel that it is our responsibility to educate our fellow workers and form a united front against these privatization attacks. We agree. However, as a local union dedicated to local members and their families, our priority is to our members and their families and solidarity with our fellow public workers. The NTU has distributed significant & timely  information over the past few years and has worked tirelessly with other local unions, agencies & community stakeholders for every person to discern who their enemies are.  
My fellow NTU members we are in a war; we are a labor union. We will act like a labor union at war; and since we did not start this war, we will not apologize to anyone for our actions. 
As the 2015-2016 school year quickly approaches, we will be reaching out to you, your families and friends for support and direction. We look to you for input, direction and participation. We need your help; I need your help. I have faith that United we will preserve the Union and all teachers, aides and clerks will become stronger than ever. May whatever Higher Power you profess be with you & the Newark Teachers Union.
In Solidarity,
John Abeigon
NTU President.

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