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Charter Schools On Trial - TAKE ACTION NOW!

It’s time to put the publicly funded, privately managed charters and the hedge funds that are profiting from them on trial in the state.

Does this read like any other local school board you know?
Nicole Bearce Albano, Firm Member, Lowenstein Sandler PC<
Paul Bambrick-Santoyo, Chief Schools Officer, Uncommon Schools
Ravi Bellur, Vice President, BlackRock Investments
Lawrence Evans, Managing Director, Citigroup
Rick Rieder (Chairman), Managing Director, Fixed Income Alt, BlackRock

These are Trustee Members for North Star Academy, here to watch out for their tax credit and return on investment. You see they double their investments in a very short time. Corporate Charter Schools pay back loans (using tax payer $$$ from the EDA, etc.) to these hedge funds with interest and on top of that the funds get a federal/state tax credit for "investing" in urban districts. It's a kaChing/kaChing! for them at the expense of traditional public schools.

Let's get to the Facts on Charter Schools. Tell your state legislator we need to revisit the Moratorium on Charter School Bill before we're faced with more devastating budget cuts to public education. Help us stop them by clicking on this link...

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John M Abeigon

President & Director of Organization

Newark Teachers Union, Local 481, AFT, AFL-CIO

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