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The NTU Endorses Phil Murphy for Governor

In less than a month, we will have the opportunity to put New Jersey back on the right track. On November 7th, we can either elect a governor who will continue the failed policies of the Christie administration or elect a real champion for working people. Our union has endorsed Phil Murphy for Governor and Sheila Oliver for Lieutenant Governor because we know they will fight for us.

Though a successful international businessman, Phil Murphy remembers what it was like to grow up in a working class family. His family lived paycheck to paycheck, and Murphy worked as a dishwasher to help his parents pay the bills. He continued to work part-time jobs to pay for college. He became a savvy businessman and gave back to his community, leading local charities that helped domestic abuse survivors and aided teens in times of crisis. Murphy's path has shown him the importance and value of hard work in achieving the American Dream.

Phil Murphy will apply his work ethic to repairing New Jersey's government so every working family has a chance to realize their American Dream. He wants to create good jobs in New Jersey by investing in infrastructure and transportation fueled by clean energy. Murphy opposes any attempt to make New Jersey a "Right-to-Work (for less)" state and instead supports legislation to increase the minimum wage and strengthen prevailing wage. Murphy also pledges to honor our obligations to workers and retirees by fully funding the state's pension system.

Phil Murphy will be a friend to labor. He understands how important unions are for defending working people and has stood with striking workers on picket lines. His running mate, Sheila Oliver, has also been a friend to labor throughout her tenure in the Assembly.  Oliver has worked to increase the minimum wage, expand paid family leave, and ensure workers continue to

have the right to organize and have their voice heard in the workplace.

Your union believes Phil Murphy and Sheila Oliver are the best choice for the working people of New Jersey. Together, they will work to make New Jersey a better place for working families now and in the future. Your vote this November will make a difference. Make your voice heard and put New Jersey back on the right track.

How you vote is a personal decision. Your union has done the research and believes Phil Murphy and Sheila Oliver are the best choice for the working families of New Jersey.

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