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Student Debt Survey

Several of our members have reached out to us about their Student Debt.  On our website, we posted information about Student Debt Forgiveness
The Newark Teachers Union works closely with NJ Citizen Action on a variety of issues.  They are currently doing a Student Debt Survey.  We recommend filling it out.
For more information, contact Beverly Brown Ruggia, NJCA’s Financial Justice Organizer, at 973-643-8800 ext.239 and
In Solidarity,
Mike Maillaro
Director of Research and Communication
Newark Teachers Union

Dear friends and allies,

New Jersey Citizen Action (NJCA) is currently collecting stories from college students about their experiences with student loans and student loan servicers.  These stories will be used to educate leaders and elected officials about the experiences of students, so that they will be better informed as they make and implement policies related to the student loan servicing industry.

We have attached a letter to the students with a survey where they can share their experiences.  To help us raise awareness, we invite you to share this attachment with your members, your staff and anyone you know who has student loans. 

Thank you for your time.  By distributing this survey widely, you can help ensure fair loan servicing!


William Garner

New Jersey Citizen Action

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