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Mid-Week Update - October 9, 2019

1) NJEA Convention - Newark's schools are closed for ten month school staff on November 7 and 8. You do not need to go the convention. You do not need to bring back proof. SCHOOL IS CLOSED! Central office is open these days.

2) Health Benefits Open Enrollment -  Several members have reached out to us asking how to get more information on the different benefit plans available during Open Enrollment.  While we do have a lot of resources available on our website, the district is still preparing a contribution calculator with the changes reflecting the 10/15 plan. NBOE's Benefits Portal will be updated with this information by October 16.
Remember, they have extended Open Enrollment until November 12 this year, and you can enroll or modify your benefits choice via Employee Self Service. There is no reason to rush to update your choices until you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.  
If you have any questions,  contact NBOE Health Benefits Office at (973) 733-7336 or  

3) Observations and Rebuttals - Observations are beginning. Remember...No Rebuttal Means You agree with all parts of the observation!    Please review our rebuttal procedures.

4) Take Action! NO MORE CHAPTER 78!

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