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NTU Update - 5/31/2024

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In This Issue:

1) Contract Update!!!!

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Some quick clarifications about how the contract ratification process works:

- The Executive Board voted last Thursday to give us the authority to bring the tentative contract agreement before the members for a vote.

- We will be having in-person secret ballot voting at the NTU Office, 1019 Broad Street, from 6 AM to 7 PM on Thursday June 6th.  Voting is run by the American Arbitrators Association (AAA), an independent organization that specializes in secure and impartial elections.

- The decision to ratify this vote is a majority of yes or no votes from those who show up in person to vote.  YOU MUST SHOW UP TO VOTE!   There has been misinformation spread that "not showing up is an automatic yes vote."  It doesn't work that way!

- The contract is a package deal. We can't vote to pick the parts we like and not pick the parts we don't like.  

- What happens if we don't ratify this contract?  All current provisions of our current contract would remain in place, but steps, salary increases, longevities, increases to sub rates, afterschool rates, etc would be frozen going into the new year.  We would attempt to negotiate a new contract with the district, but this genuinely was the best possible agreement we could get for our members.  

-Read, review, and discuss the material!  If you have any questions, attend the in-person information sessions at the NTU, email us at, or call 973-643-8430.  

Extended Day FAQ's

Why did the Union agree to extend the school day?

We mitigated the impact as best we could by extending lunch for the elementary, increasing sixth period pay for high schools, and increasing transition time.  But we would not be able to have come to an agreement, especially not one at 4.5% percent increases, without extending the day.  Extended lunch was one of the most requested items that came up in our surveys, and we won that!

How much time was added?

Our current work day is 6 hours 40 minutes at high school, 6 hours 45 minutes at elementary school.  The new contract is 7 hours. 

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