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NTU Update - August 28, 2019

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome Back! 

1)      Contract Update:  We are proud to be starting this school year off with a newly ratified contract!   94% of the NTU members who came out to vote and the full Newark Board of Education approved this contract.  Our voting process is based on the percentage of members who vote, not on a majority of the membership.  Take a look at your town, state, and national elections.  Winning is determined by a majority of the actual voters, not the number of eligible residents.

Now the focus is on implementing this contract.  We are currently working with NBOE to find out when staff’s Employee Self Service will be updated to reflect their new salaries, when staff will be moved to their proper guides, and when retro payments will go out for impacted staff.  As soon as we have specifics, we will notify you immediately.  The goal is to ensure things are done quickly and accurately!

2)      August 30: There have been a lot of questions about the status of August 30.  For ten month NTU members, schools are closed on August 30. 

a)      Why are 12 month employees working?

12 month employees have a different calendar (and more flexibility on their days off because of vacation time). This day off is only reflected on the 10 month employee calendar.

b)     Will we be paid for Friday, August 30?

Yes.  The first paycheck of the year is September 6.  For full time employees, this covers August 27-30 and September 2-6 and will be a 9-day check.

c)      If I am taking off on August 29 or September 3, what type of day do I take?

August 29 and September 3 are the last working days before and after a holiday respectively.  As per our contract:  “ABSENCE BEFORE AND AFTER A HOLIDAY: All employees are required to work the last scheduled working day before and the next scheduled working day following the scheduled holiday(s). Failure to report before and after the scheduled holiday shall result in loss of pay for said occurrence.

EXCEPTIONS: Personal days, extended sick leave, and short term sick leave. In the case of short term sick leave the employee must submit medical certification from a licensed physician or hospital, including a diagnosis, verifying that s/he was either physically unable to perform his/her duties or that s/he was carrying a contagious disease on the day(s) of absence. The medical certificate must be submitted via email, hand-delivery fax, or certified mail to the Office of Employee Services at the Newark Public Schools’ administrative offices within three (3) working days of the date the employee returns to work. The form should not be submitted to your school or department.”

3)      Highly Effective Bonus: We continue to work with the superintendent’s office on getting updates on when staff will be getting their highly effective bonuses from last year.  Between the contract and the normal beginning of the year craziness, it has been slow going.  As soon as we have more information, we will send it out. 

Just a reminder, last year we did not receive this check until Late August.  NBOE has NEVER sent out this payment in a timely fashion.

4)      Classroom Setup – We all know how valuable classroom setup time is in the beginning of the year.  We also know how dedicated Newark staff are to their profession.  Many of you came in over the summer and many will stay late to make sure your classroom is setup.

Even though the convocation took some or most of your Organization Day, that does not excuse you from your responsibility to set up your classroom.  The Superintendent has advised administrators to work with you in getting this task done.  If anyone gets written up or harassed by their administrator about this, let your Building Rep know immediately!  For schools without Building Reps, send an email to

In Solidarity,

John M. Abeigon

President/Director Of Organization

Newark Teachers Union

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