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NTU Update - December 22, 2021


In these craziest of times, I can’t think of a better gift for all of us right now than this “If This Then That” COVID-19 Flowchart created by our Communications & Research Dept. to help answer some questions like “When am I supposed to quarantine?”  Any student or staff can use this as a quick cheat sheet.

 As simple as we can be under the circumstances, this chart covers some basics, but there is a lot of nuance to all this, and it tends to change rapidly.  For more complete information (as of December 15, 2021), use NJ’s “COVID-19 Public Health Recommendations for Local Health Departments for K-12 Schools)

The state also has an Isolation and Quarantine Calculator where you can enter the date affected and it will tell you how long to quarantine.

 If you test positive, have symptoms, or come in contact with someone who has tested positive, you should always reach out to your school nurse, admin and the District Health office to keep them informed and get the most up-to-date information.  

 The experts are saying that this will be our second Winter of Discontent, and we believe them. Predicting if, how and under what conditions we will be returning on Jan 3rd would be crazy and irresponsible of me.  The Superintendent said “In-person instruction and tutoring will resume, unless circumstances warrant remote instruction for specific classes, groups, or schools.” 

 With regards to being tested on the 28th & 29th.  Districts around us are falling like flies because of their data. We need the data! The school sites being scheduled for us by the district are for NBOE employees only on those two days. Testing is available everywhere in the free world and you can upload your results to ESS from anywhere with a WiFi connection.

 Lastly, we have posted the application for this year’s NTU Annual Albert Shanker Scholarship on our website to give staff and students more time to apply.  More info to come after the break!

 So, safely make some time for family & friends this Winter Break, make some time for yourself too—but, let’s all remember to embrace our faith and pray for the best of circumstances upon our return, whenever that may be.

 Stay Safe, Mask Up, Love you All,

 John M Abeigon
Newark Teachers Union
Local 481, AFT, AFL-CIO

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