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NTU Update - January 21, 2016


1)           Quasi-Administrators – In many schools, we have been getting reports that staff, including NTU members, are being asked to serve as quasi-administrators.   It is vital to remember that ONLY administrators should be doing observations and evaluations. 

Not only is this illegal, it is just another example of the district trying to break unions.  They laid off many administrators, including department chairs, and now they are trying to use other staff to fill those vital roles. 

All coaching and “adult support” positions are intended to help provide feedback, not to serve as “gotchas!”  If this is going on at your school, notify the NTU immediately.

2)        Prescription Plan Update – We continue to dispute the superintendent’s unilateral attempt to change our prescription provider.  We will be before a judge on January 29 on this situation.  Bob Braun had a really good update about the situation.

Mad about these unilateral changes to your benefits?  Then make sure you are at next Tuesday’s Advisory Board Meeting.  Now, more than ever, our voices need to be strong and united!  Every day someone asks, “Where are we in terms of getting a contract?”  The answer is, “The more strength and unity we have, the more power we have, especially when it comes to negotiation!”

Advisory Board Meeting
Tuesday, January 26, 2016 - 6:00 p.m.
Central High School
246 18th Avenue
Newark, NJ 07103

If you would like to speak at the meeting, make sure you sign up immediately!  The deadline is 4 PM, 5 days before the meeting.

In Solidarity, 

John  M.  Abeigon

President & Director of Organization

Newark Teachers Union

Local 481 AFT, AFL-CIO

Michael  Maillaro

Director of Research & Communication

Newark Teachers Union

Local 481 AFT, AFL-CIO

Michael R. Iovino
Secretary Treasurer

Newark Teachers Union

Local 481 AFT, AFL-CIO

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