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NTU Update - June 9, 2017


1). Calendar Update  - As you are all aware, your employers have decided to cut short your Summer vacation an entire week with little notice.  While we are working hard to ensure that you don't have to come back so soon, the most powerful way to make that happen is in the strong hearts and hands of NTU Members. 

Many of you have vacation plans, many of you have to take your kids off to college, many of you planned on relaxing.  How many of you will take your concerns to where your employer must listen to you?  How many will take the time to tell your employer that you are tired of him finding new ways to kick you while you are down?  

I am confident that this is INTOLERABLE for many of you.  I want you to organize and mobilize your building, make signs, and come to the NPS Advisory board:

Tuesday, June 20, 2017 - 6:00 PM

Oliver Street School
86 Oliver Street
Newark, NJ 07105 


Please use this link to sign up to speak at the Advisory Board meeting at Oliver Street on June 20.

Draw a line in the sand....put a cool drink on it...and DEMAND YOUR SUMMER VACATION!

2) ​Contract Update – NPS has told us that the first retro payment (the payment for the 2015-2016 school year) will be made on June 23.

3) ​Renew School/Salary Stipends – Stipends for staff who signed EWA’s and for staff owed stipends for being on certain steps of the traditional Salary Guide have gone out today.  If there is a problem with your stipend, make sure you submit an Employee Inquiry Form with NPS immediately!

4) Head Start Stipend

– We have been getting calls from teachers at the Head Start schools who did not receive their stipends today.  According to NPS, the terms of the Federal Head Start grant will not allow them to pay out the money to teachers until the end of the school year.

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