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NTU Update - October 15, 2021

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In This Issue:

1) I don't believe in this grant

2) NTU Membership


4) Loan Forgiveness

5) Observations



We have had a lot of questions about today's 9 day check, so I am resend this email we sent out on June 14:


In today's Teacher Talk, the district sent out a revised pay schedule. 

As we mentioned in last week's NTU Update, we had some concerns about the initial version of the 10 month calendar pay schedule. 

The solution they have put together advances our staff an immediate 4 day check on the first week of work instead of having to wait until Sept 17 to get any pay. These 4 days will be pulled from future checks as outlined here by the Payroll Dept;

The four days will be paid up front and be taken back on the following 4 pays:



4/29/2022 (third pay with no deductions)

7/8/2022 (final pay with no deductions)

Please budget accordingly, and adjust any automatic payments you have scheduled, if necessary.

To be clear, pay schedules and pay calendars are not negotiable. We do appreciate that NBOE listened to our concerns on this issue.

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