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NTU Update - September 29, 2017


1) Kudos – The new NTU website is regularly updated with a wide variety of important information, including a calendar of events, and how to’s for topics like FMLA’s.  If you have anything you’d like added to the website (kudos, pictures/videos from your school, etc), just send it to There a lot of amazing things going on in the Newark Public Schools, and it’s important to highlight them!

2) Pre-K to 8 Prep Period Survey – In order to monitor implementation of the new contract settlement, we ask that all Pre-K to 8th grade teachers fill out this survey.  Thank you!  All names and emails will be kept confidential.

3) NTUniversity: The NTU is in the process of developing a calendar of workshops for members and we are requesting proposals. If you are interested in presenting to your fellow NTU members, please review the following requirements and draft a submission. All presenters will be given a stipend of $50.00/session

4) Teacher Unions Improve Teacher, Student, and School Performance - Huffington Post did a great article on why Teachers Unions are important.  With the strong anti-union backlash we face, it is important for our members to read this and distribute it to their friends and family.

5) AFTNJ Professional Development Bootcamp: Nov 9 and 10 - Our partners in the AFTNJ are offering free professional development on Nov 9 and 10 in a variety of areas.

The AFTNJ is happy to announce that we will be partnering again with AFT National to provide high-quality, research based AFT Professional Development. The two-day event is structured as two stand-alone professional development sessions in order to allow flexibility for AFTNJ members. AFTNJ members can attend one or both days to double up on their professional learning. On each day there will be sessions offered in these four areas of professional development. Light breakfast and lunch will be provided. Boot Camp is free for all AFT members, but registration is required. Discounted hotel accommodations are available (listed below). AFTNJ cannot be responsible for travel or lodging expenses.

For more information, check out this flyer!

6) Arbitrator Decision regarding District Violations of 2012 contract – AT LONG LAST, we won the 2012 grievances---we didn’t win them all, but we won several big ones; Retroactive Longevity, Retroactive Pay if you were on an approved leave, District-Approved Plans for degree advancement.

In the above link, you can find the official Opinion and Award issued by the Arbitrator. We apologize for the delay. For a full understanding of what took so long and a greater appreciation of what we were up against in 2012 (it took two years 2012-2014 just to get through testimony) please read it at your leisure.

If you would like a hard copy please stop by the NTU front desk. 1019 Broad St, and ask for one.

In Solidarity,

John M. Abeigon
President & Director of Organization

Newark Teachers Union

Local 481 AFT, AFL-CIO

Mike Maillaro
Director of Research & Communication

Newark Teachers Union

Local 481 AFT, AFL-CIO

Michael R. Iovino

Newark Teachers Union

Local 481 AFT, AFL-CIO

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