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As first formal observations are rolling out, I cannot stress enough the importance of writing a REBUTTAL to your observation if you are dissatisfied with ANY part of it.  Sometimes, you like the overall score, but don't like one of the ratings.  Do NOT let that go!

You have ten work days after the receipt of your ratings via a post-observation conference to submit your rebuttal.  If you do not submit a rebuttal, then you are telling your admin and NPS that you AGREE with the rating. 

If your admin observes you in-between your initial observation and BEFORE your post-observation conference, then you MUST notify us immediately and ALSO immediately write a rebuttal stating that you have been observed twice in a row without getting the necessary feedback to improve.

Your rebuttal MUST include actual evidence and MUST connect directly to the ratings in the competencies.  Do NOT include anecdotal stories, and do not include personal attacks or personal problems with your administrators in your rebuttal.  If you believe your administrator is "out to get you," then you should document your concerns and we will help you contact Labor Relations or the Office of Affirmative Action. 

We have an extensive document on how to write an effective rebuttal on our website. Click this link here to go right to it.

Rebuttals must be emailed to your admin, uploaded to your EdReflect, hardcopy delivered to your admin, and emailed to the Talent Office at

ALWAYS keep a copy for yourself. 

Your rebuttal may not change your rating, but without rebuttals, we will have a VERY hard time challenging your annual ratings if need be.

If you have any questions about writing your rebuttal, email me directly at  Miovino@newarkteachersunion.comand make sure you put REBUTTAL HELP in the subject line.  Always include your name, school and a BRIEF description of your concern and personal email/contact number.  I will get back ASAP!

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