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Mid-Year Evaluations


I’ve gotten some questions about Mid-Year Evaluations, so I am resending this info we’ve sent out in the past

1) Mid-Year Evaluations - As per state law and district policy, only teachers on Corrective Action Plans are required to have Mid-Year Evaluations done.   These Mid-Year Evaluations should be done:

·       Before February 15 (if CAP in place before September 15), or

·       Before summative conference (if CAP in place after September 15).”

Even though Mid-Years are ONLY required for CAP teachers, they may be done on all teachers.  The district recommends, “The mid-year review conference is an opportunity for the administrator and the teacher to discuss the teacher's progress toward student and professional goals set at the start of the school year. We recommend that all mid-year conferences take place by mid February.”

For more information, you can check out the following NJ Achieve resources:

Also, the district’s Evaluation Framework (page 22)

In Solidarity,

Mike Maillaro
Director of Research and Communication
Newark Teachers Union

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