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Phase II Toolkit

Each day, numerous violations occur in our schools negatively impacting staff and students. These include fire code violations, violations in Special Education requirements and Early Childhood regulations, violations of the Teach NJ Act, and health and safety issues.  

The thrust of Phase II will be to hold the district accountable for every single one of these violations.  

You can use the links below to file complaints related to these specific areas.  All of these complaints can be done anonymously.  Please fill out the requested information on the forms, and we will ensure that the complaints get where they need to go with no additional work from you.


  • No Aide/misuse of aides
  • Class Size
  • Students being in classrooms without certificated staff (teachers being pulled for meetings during school time)


  • No aides/misuse of aides (as per IEP)
  • Speech services not being provided (as per IEP)
  • Occupational therapy/physical not being provided (as per IEP)
  • No resource teacher being provided  (as per IEP)

  • Poor Air Quality
  • Mold visible/invisible
  • Past dated cafeteria food
  • No Full Time nurse
  • Windows don’t open (locks on windows)
  • Chains on doors
  • Broken intercom
  • Lights out in parking lot (if applicable)
  • Ruptured sidewalks
  • Broken staircase
  • Unlit stair wells
  • Missing banisters
  • No handicap access/ramps
  • Elevator broken
  • Little or no full time security


  • No CAP/CAP Not being followed
  • Improper length of time for observations
  • Improper number of observations
  • No School Improvement Panel
  • Lack of Mentors

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