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Take Action against Corporate Charters!

The Corporate Charter Schools are pushing hard to expand and build more schools, which will siphon critical funds needed for PUBLIC SCHOOLS.  Current law specifically prohibits taxpayer money from being used by charter schools for facilities, and the charter school industrial complex is pushing through a law to try and change that.  

If charter schools continue to expand, that will mean less money for the Newark Board of Education, which could ultimately have a negative impact on our upcoming contract negotiations. 

We ask that you take less than a minute of your time to click this link and say YES to MORE MONEY FOR NEWARK's PUBLIC SCHOOLS by saying NO to the Corporate Charter Schools.

NO! We will not sacrifice our hard earned taxpayer dollars for for-profit charter schools!

NO! We will not sacrifice a single dime from next year's contract negotiations for for-profit charter schools!

NO! We will not continue to work in crumbling schools while the charters buy new buildings!

We also ask that you share this email and the attached flyer with your friends and colleagues who aren't in education.  They are taxpayers too, and should know where their money is going!

​Click here for Flyer!

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