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AFT members are taking Navient to court

A class-action suit filed in federal court sets out serious allegations that student loan servicer Navient has misled borrowers in public service professions from accessing a loan forgiveness program to boost its own profits. The landmark complaint, which seeks millions in damages and class-wide injunctive relief, details a spate of systematic misrepresentations, untruths and misdirection pedaled by Navient to stop borrowers from enrolling in Public Service Loan Forgiveness, a 10-year payoff plan administered by rival servicer FedLoan.


NTU/NPS FSA Workshop

Got kids and the co-pays are killing you?

Taking care of mom costing you an arm and a leg? This workshop's for you.

Want to reduce your taxable income and increase your take home pay?

Enroll in an FSA and start saving money on eligible health care and/or dependent care expenses.

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Reminder about "Organization Day"

REMINDER! This afternoon 8/30 and all day tomorrow 8/31 are classroom set up & prep time (free from required activity so that staff can freely set up and prepare for the school year).

If you have an administrator who disagrees with this mutual agreement between the NTU and the NPS please send us an email identifying the administrator and location to

A Decade of Neglect

“A Decade of Neglect: Public Education Funding in the Aftermath of the Great Recession” details for the first time the devastating impact on schools, classrooms and students when states choose to pursue an austerity agenda in the false belief that tax cuts will pay for themselves. The comprehensive report offers a deep dive into the long-term austerity agendas and historic disinvestment that sparked the wave of nationwide walkouts this spring.


1st Annual NTU Supply Swap

1st Annual NTU Supply Swap—Switching grade levels, retired or switching content areas? Do you have supplies that you no longer need?


Newark Early Childhood

Superintendent Roger Leon meeting with Eatly Childhood Staff (chaired by NTU Vice President Donna Charles) the Newark Teachers Union as part of his fact finding mission.

New law grants sick day leave for Newark per diems!


Over the last few contract negotiations, we have been pushing the district to giving more rights and protections to per diem staff.  Our per diems are typically Newark community members, and in many cases, they work close to the same schedule as full time staff.  But despite this, the district, especially while under state control, seemed reluctant to acknowledge the importance of these staff by providing them with higher salaries, benefits, or more protection.

In our last contract, we finally got NPS to agree to pay our per diem aides $15 an hour! 


Schools Closing at 1 PM on Monday, June 18

Yesterday, NTU reached out to Newark Public Schools about a possible early closing today because of the expected high temperatures.  We are happy to report that this morning NPS informed us: